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  • Mardi, candle party

    This note is written in english because this language is the official in my company and I like my company, I'm a very corporate person.

    Also, I beg your pardon for all vocabulary or syntax errors. I want to be fluent in english for my company and my career so I will work it hard.

    Nevertheless, I can say today that I'm becoming a workalcoholic despite of being a workaholic. So funny, isn't it ?

    Yesterday, there was a great meeting in my company. There was a beautiful movie with techno music telling us that the company had to pass through a storm last year but this crisis learned us that we are strong and resilient so that our clients could be blessed to work with us and so this new year would be wonderful.

    We applaused.

    Then, there was a lot of speech and slides. An important director cames especially from UK, speaking in Shakespeare's language, to tell us we have to trust the future because we are strong and resilient. I must tell the truth, I began to sleep with open eyes at the middle of the speech. But this is the resumee, I am sure, believe me.

    We applaused.

    Then, there was again a lot of speech and slides and it was the end that allowed us to go drinking bad champaign and eating very bad cakes. My devotion allowed me to drink but not eat. I was a little bit drunk.

    I spoke a lot with a girl of my team, we walked to Craintdegun's home and I sat myself in the couch. I ate a minima and I let my car driving me to the village.

    I only forgot that with my medicine I'm not allowed to drink alcohol. Nevertheless, today at lunch, I got a glass of cider because of candle party and I drunked it.

    Now, I'm really tired and a vicious headache is coming to me.

    All that I can say is that the mox is not in me. That's why we can explain the reasons I will be fired from here at the end of the month.

    In one hand, it's a very good idea because I'm not really interested in my actual job and it's far from my home.

    In the other hand, it's really anxious for me not to know where they gonna throw me away perhaps farer than now, it's possible.

    I want to sleep.

    And drink.